Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

[ad name=”adsense300x250″]Our skin suffers from dry skin all year long, but how do we really moisturize and protect our skin?

The reason for our skin’s drying is believed to be that the sebum is not produce anymore by the cells of our skin. The skin will look irritated and small dashes might appear on it. The only “advantage” of suffering from this dry skin disease is that other skin problem cannot appear at the same time. The explanation, on one hand, may be that there is a lack of some vitamins such as A, B, E; on the other hand, the problem seems to be the weather, as the skin is sensible to the changes of temperature. Furthermore, some specialists say that also cosmetic products can damage our skin and let it dry and irritated.

Try not to use hot water; try washing your face with cool or warm water. Hot water and oppressive materials can damage your skin. It is also advisable to use natural soaps, made of olive oil, avocado or almond and do not use the rough ones. You may also use a cream rich in vitamins to cure the lines that may appear around nose and lips, after washing your face with mineral water, especially in the mornings. When you shop for your body, try to buy the qualitative products; don’t buy the ones that may have oil in their composition. Another factor bad for our skin is our own alimentation: eat healthy, especially foods containing Omega 3, such as hazel nuts, herring, pecan or salmon. An alimentation containing vegetables and fruits is good for our skin, while the one with fats is a harmful one. The dry skin, with all its symptoms, can also be provoked by smoking. The skin gets sick when it is not enough oxygenated; the lines appear and the skin is drying when the smoke gets in contact with it. As the cosmetics on the market are not always trustworthy, there are some natural remedies with amazing results.
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Honey may be a good remedy for dry skin, take one spoon of honey and melt it in hot water. After this, take a spoon of almond and mix it with the melted honey until you obtain a fine cream. Apply it on your dry skin, after washing it, and let it action between ten and fifteen minutes; in the end, use warm water to clean your face.

Plants have many vitamins, so they are also good for your skin. Put some roses, orange blossoms, chamomile, and peppermints leaves; make an infusion with the steams and your skin will get better, as the steam helps the blood circulation and makes your skin look better.

Another mask of fifteen minutes is the one prepared with honey, bananas and avocado. Make a cream by mixing them, and take it off with warm water.
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Although exfoliating is not advisable for one’s skin, a mask can be applied from time to time: mix ground almonds, bananas, papaya, oatmeal, wheat germs with some water and apply it on your face. Remove the cream with some water, after letting it take effect for at least fifteen minutes.